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First Fit:

Pay a visit to your local running specialty store. Most often these smaller stores have trained staff, who can properly fit you with the best shoe based on gait analysis.   Be sure to either wear or bring in your current tennis shoes for the staff to examine the soles. This information will also assist in recommending the correct running shoe based on you wear pattern. Don’t skimp on your shoes. Be prepared to invest $80 to $100 dollars for an excellent pair of shoes that are designed to provide cushion, support and comfort.

Find Technical:

Say good-bye to cotton. Invest in technical fabric running/sportswear shorts, tops and socks. Technical fabrics are made of synthetic materials that allow moisture to evaporate (wicking) to enhance cooling and minimize chaffing.

Focus on a Plan:

Beginning to run can be as simple as stepping out your front door, or joining a local running group. One of the most effective ways to begin is with a run/walk ratio. Begin with a brisk warm up walk for 5 minutes. Next continue with a 1-minute run/ 5-minute walk interval.   Repeat the run/walk interval five times for a great 30-minute workout.   Over the next 11 weeks, you can gradually increase the running and decrease the walking portions of the intervals until you are running 30 minutes without walking.   Remember the walk is a brisk walk. The run is not a sprint. Run at a pace in which you could carry on a light conversation.  

For the road:

Avoid or minimize running on concrete (i. Order discount manhood enhancer e. sidewalks). The optimal surface to begin running is a dirt-packed single track trail or grassy surfaces at nearby parks order discount manhood enhancer, school grounds or bike trails. Most of us live in suburbia; therefore, running on asphalt (i. e. bike lane) is an alternative while obeying safety traffic laws (i. e. pedestrian rule – run against traffic. )

Happy Running! In few months you could be running your first 5k race!

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