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Did you know in the [orasone] United States, there are approximately 500, 000 individuals with Autism in the 15 to 24 year-old "learning to drive" age range? With that being said, ISIS Healthcare is proud to support the fundraising campaign for a new interactive iPad App for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Orasone why is this interactive ipad app so important? like most of us, people with high-functioning autism (hfa) or asperger's syndrome (as) need to get around for work, school, and social activities. Although people with HFA and AS have average or above-average intelligence, their unique learning style may make it difficult for them to learn to drive. A major challenge is managing the overwhelming amount of visual information on the road. This is why Drive Fit is being created. It is a new iPad App that develops the user's awareness of the road using a systematic scanning technique with groundbreaking technology and interactive videos. Drive Fit develops this essential skill and builds self-confidence before getting behind the wheel of a car. The new App may reduce anxiety when learning to search the road as a driver. The App will train the user to sift through the enormous amount of visual stimulus encountered while driving, and to focus on the critical information. The App will also enable the user to slow down the drive and then increase the speed as they improve. It's practice you can't get on the road! This project can help those with High-functioning Autism learn to drive, get around independently, and gain a new level of self-confidence and control. Learn more about the Drive Fit App at our Indiegogo crowdfunding site: http://igg. me/at/drivefit

*Timing is critical – the fundraising deadline is March 14, 2014* If you are interested in this project, orasone please:
• Spread the word • Forward this information • Contribute to the fundraising campaign • Show your support through the Twitter and Facebook links on Indiegogo --  http://www. indiegogo. com/projects/drive-fit-ipad-app-to-train-drivers-with-asperger-s-and-autism
ISIS Healthcare Services offers Driver Rehab and Training at our facility for individuals with HFA or AS. Please contact us at 916-481-1300 if you have questions regarding our Driver Rehab and Training Program.

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