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As your child starts the new school year, here are some great tips to maximize your child’s success both academically [no rx testosterone booster patch] and socially at school. Homework Completion:

  • Create an area to complete homework with good lighting and limited distractions (TV no rx testosterone booster patch, etc)
  • Facilitate attention skills by providing sensory input as needed. For example, no rx testosterone booster patch allow your child to have movement or stretching breaks between homework assignments or chew gum/munch on crunchy snacks while working.
  • Monitor how long homework assignments take your child and relay that information to his/her academic team.
  • When completing work at the computer, keep the top of the screen at eye level. Adjust your child’s chair so his/her feet are flat on the ground.
Developing Appropriate Social Skills and Behavior:
  • Promote interaction with family members by establishing a consistent dinner time. Play board games to encourage good sportsmanship and cooperation.
  • Get your child involved in extracurricular activities based on their abilities and interests.
  • Encourage team work by having your child participate in weekly chores.
How Your Occupational Therapist Can Help:
  •   Providing suggestions for schoolwork modification and appropriate positioning in the classroom. No rx testosterone booster patch
  • addressing underlying sensory issues that may be impacting attention, learning and behaviors at home and in the classroom.
  •   Providing recommendations for activities to improve a child’s fine motor skills to support success with handwriting.
  • Recommend after school activities appropriate to the child’s needs and abilities.
Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free contact us.   The therapists at ISIS are happy to help!

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