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Doing what you love is an understatement when it comes to helping children with disabilities, the father who wants to run the triathlon but is having knee issues, the woman who has worked so hard at her desk job that she has a repetitive strain injury, the grandmother after her stroke, or the family that needs a home accessibility plan executed for wheelchair access. Helping people throughout their every [find midamor] day life is what we do as occupational therapists. find midamor   No wonder we love our jobs so much. Find midamor   an ot 's job is very rewarding.   Our lives are rewarded as therapists and each patient is rewarded with meeting their personal goals.  EVERYONE WINS when people get back to their baseline or reach goals that they thought they could never reach in the first place.

At ISIS HCS we are fortunate to have the best OT's in the Sacramento Area.  If you find yourself needing help with activities of daily living, a child who is not developing normally find midamor, or a DME (durable medical equipment) home evaluation, give us a call at 916-481-1300,  and we will get you headed in the right direction.

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